Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Monday! Need a laugh?

A friend emailed me this a few days ago and I could not stop laughing! 
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Friday, February 22, 2013

What's in my bag? February 2013

Hello all,

The start of any new season, and especially Spring, is always an exciting time for me. From planning weekend getaways to new seasonal collections being released at Nordstroms, warmer weather always means new and fun in the Pierce household. As I was digging through the bottom of my older bag and switching items over to my new tote, I thought it would be fun to share some of my "can't live without" products I keep in my bag! Maybe we share a few of the same items? Leave me a comment of what's in your bag!

The Bag:

This bag can be found under the "New Arrivals" from Michael Kors. It is made of leather and very roomy for all of my needs, as well as enough space to throw in any dolls or cars for Jaxon and Sophia. I chose this color because it has an easy, casual feel but is still structured and sophisticated.

This is a family favorite! This baked snack comes in all different flavors and is gluten free, which has become a major health trend in the past year. This can be found in the organic aisle of most supermarkets.

In the morning, I usually chop up some type of fruit for my kids when we are on the go. Jaxon is a fan of apples with some sort of dip (chocolate or yogurt) on the side. 

The SK-II eye mask from Sephora is nothing short of a life saver! After a sleepless night, I usually will apply these underneath my eyes for 10 minutes while I fold laundry or put away misplaced toys. These are especially sticky, so they won't move or slide as I go from  task to task. 

According to recent discoveries, the sun is a major cause of the early arrival of (gasp!) wrinkles! To prevent this, every morning, before I apply anything else, I put on a good amount of moisturizing sunscreen. Anything by La Roche Posay is phenomenal! The formula of the Anthelios SX sunscreen is extremely light and doesn't leave your face feeling greasy.

I always keep a notepad and a few Crayola markers in my bag to entertain Jaxon and Sophia during long car rides or trips to the grocery store. This is an activity that encourages the kids to use their imagination, as well as holds their attention.

Sophia's favorite book! The use of color and textures help to hold Sophia's attention for at least a short amount of time. Also, the positive message is a lasting one that I give a "Mommy Stamp of Approval!"

So those are a few of my favorite things (cue Julie Andrews) that are a constant staple in my everyday bag. Hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to comment what are some your favorite things to carry!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Already Missing Those Sunsets...


    I don't think there could be any worse of a feeling than getting on a jet in the warm sunshine and getting off in a snowy wonderland. (Ok, there probably is worse but it's pretty close!)

    The trip was definitely one to remember. We stayed at the Atlantis Resort and they had more than enough activities for each of us. With a casino, a night club, and a movie theater, we had plenty of choices for our 1 date night we had planned. Hopefully, all of these choices gave Adam an idea for our anniversary coming up in April ;).

    The resort offered many different options for toddlers to enjoy their own time, from a kids movie theater to pottery classes. But for the most part, Jaxon wanted to hang out on the beach. And I was actually very pleased with that decision. With the weather cruddy weather back home that basically forces us to stay indoors, I was happy to see that Jaxon wanted to spend as much time as he could in the sun.

     Jaxon had a blast building sand castles and having splash fights with Dad. Sophia was a little more hesitant to get into the water because she was scared of the waves. Adam swam out a little, made silly faces, and waved back to us on shore to show Sophia that the water didn't hurt.

   While it is nice to have "grown-up" time, family time is much more special to me. As I watch Jaxon and Sophia change and grow every day, I realize how important these days are and how fast they fly by. While I'm so excited to see the type of people they become, part of me must admit that I wish there was a way to keep them this little forever! :)

Where was your most memorable trip to?