Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our San Diego Trip!

       This past weekend was our long awaited trip to San Diego! Adam's mother volunteered to take over babysitting duty with Sophia and Jaxon. As much as I love to travel as a family, it's always nice to get away for some grown up time! We opted to fly out Thursday evening so we could enjoy a full day on Friday. I will never understand how supermodels can get off a flight looking like they stepped off of a Marc Jacobs catwalk. San Diego welcomed me in the wee hours of Friday, with smeared eyeliner, frizzy hair, and a stiff neck!

My top two places I wanted to visit were the San Diego Zoo (for my inner 7 year old) and Fashion Valley Mall (well, because I'm a woman).

San Diego Zoo Thoughts: PANDAS! I am a panda nut as I think they are so stinking adorable! That was probably the highlight of the visit for me and luckily, I controlled myself enough not to break into their habitat and steal one. Adam loved the gorillas and could not stop laughing uncontrollably when they pressed themselves up against the glass. (Typical boy!) There is so much to see that I feel like it would have to be split into two days. Walking around in that heat was so draining, I definitely wished there was such a thing as an adult stroller(with cup holders!)

                                             picture source: http://hospitalitybusinessnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/panda.jpg

Fashion Valley Mall: As many times as I have gone there, the fact that there is no roof always leaves me in a state of shock! The walk ways are completely open, complete with palm trees but the stores are covered. Coming from the unpredictable East Coast, Definitely had to hit up Kate Spade, Lacoste for Adam, and the Lego Store for Jaxon! This mall is a big favorite of mine as it has a nice mix of high end and affordable stores!

picture source: http://betanews.com/wp-content/uploads/media/50/5090.jpg

     The long weekend was so relaxing but I was EXTREMELY anxious to get back to my little babes! One night away is ok but three was just too much! I can't even imagine how it will be when they have to leave for college. ( I know, I know, years and years away but still!) I have a scary feeling I will be one of those mom's that moves away to college with their kid... in an apartment across the street... haha Just kidding! But overall, it was a great weekend and I am excited to start planning for our annual end of summer party!
Comment and leave me some new recipes to try for the party!!

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