Thursday, January 23, 2014

Update + New Year's Resolutions!

Hi all!

I've fallen way behind on my blogging game! The holidays are always so crazy around here and it's hard to keep track of every part of my life (especially blogging!) Now that the madness is over, I'm ready to get back into blogging and sprucing up a few other areas in my life. Every year, I've always refused to make any resolutions. I can barely remember to catch Nashville every Wednesday night, how am I going to remember a whole list of things to do? Hopefully writing it here will be a good start!

1) Have fun while getting fit: I've been stuck in such a boring routine of running, the elliptical, and the occasional spin class that my body and weight have "plateaued". Gone are the days of seeing little changes here and there or waking up pumped to go the gym. I've tried to make a few changes (New workout clothes! Green smoothies! Hot yoga!) but I've still lost that excitement about working out that I had before. With all of these hybrid classes popping up, I aim to try one new class a week. Whether it's a spin/bootcamp or pilates/yoga combination, I think that changing up my routine and going in not knowing what to expect will help re-light that fire!

2) Incorporate more fish into our diet: I can't lie, eating fish kind of creeps me out. The eyes, the fins, the texture... yikes! But according to numerous articles I keep coming out, the health benefits are pretty appealing. Adam is extremely active and I think that anything that can help with getting a healthy heart or lowering cholesterol would be especially beneficial as the number of candles on his birthday cakes continue to increase. Does anyone have any tips or special recipes for fish? I'd love to find a way to make it more tastebud friendly!

3) Clean out my closet more than once a year: Yes, I'm an emotional shopper. And yes, I do buy things because it's "so cute for only seven dollars." I usually end up with stuffed drawers, more shirts than hangers, and totes filled with items that still have the tags attached. This year, I want to cut down on the impulse buys and maintain an organized, comfortably spaced closet. Although, I have to say apps such as "Shopular" and Target's "Cartwheel" definitely do not help.

4) Remember to record my shows: Actually... Adam's actual pretty good at that so if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

5) Wash my make-up brushes regularly: Thinking about all of that gunk trapped between the bristles and rubbing that all over a clean face daily... I. can't. This daily anti-bacterial spray I picked up at Target will hopefully help me out a little if I'm not able to do a thorough cleaning every Sunday.

Okay, this seems like a good start. What life changes are you making?

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