Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dusting Off My Negotiation Skills!

Today, during a free moment as the kids were enchanted by Dora the Explorer, I emailed Adam a list of possible locations for our next couples vacation. We are looking to go somewhere for a 4 day weekend, so we are trying to stay in the US.

A snippet of our conversation.

Me: "Hawaii?"

Adam: "Too hot and I don't know how to hula."

Me: "Las Vegas?"

Adam: "Smells like Kim Kardashian and vodka." (oh, the things that come out of his mouth!)

Obviously, after this brief exchange, I realized how "not in the mood" Adam was to talk about this. How can someone not be in the mood to talk about ice cold margaritas and laying on the beach with absolutely no business meetings or play dates to run off to?!?

So, I nicely asked (or ordered) him to come up with a list of his top five choices of vacation spots and hand it over by tomorrow morning. So far my top spots are : 


-Las Vegas

-Hawaii ( most preferably Honolulu or Oahu )

-San Diego

-San Francisco

I will be very interested to see what his list is as he has already X'd two of my choices. I am fully open to negotiations... as long as sun, a beach, and a frozen, fruity drink is included.

What are your 5 top vacation spots???

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