Monday, July 8, 2013

5 Things I Learned at Spin Class Today!


        After a weekend of hot dogs, mac salad, and every other sinfully delicious treat, my jeans were feeling a little snug! So this morning, I headed to a spin class at the local gym. I had tried to get into a routine of taking a few classes a week but really keeping any kind of consistent, non-kid related routine can be a major challenge when you're a mom! Luckily, our gym has a "playcare" center with really great and certified attendants to watch Jaxon and Sophia when we want to sneak in a quick workout!

      Leaving the class, I left feeling powerful, drenched in sweat, and a little bit wiser in spinning etiquette. Here are a few things I learned:

1) A change of clothes should be a necessity, not an option! If you are working at the level that the instructor has suggested, you will be absolutely drenched at the end. Spinning supposedly burns 600 - 900 calories in an hour workout and it shows by the ridiculous amount of sweat all over.

2) Gel seats make all the difference. "Ouch, that hurt" is probably going to come out of the mouth of a new spinner at some point. From top to bottom, muscles that have never been worked are DEFINITELY being worked. A gel seat can help with comfort, height, and any unwelcome soreness the next day!

3) Bring your Ipod just in case the instructor is a Kenny G fan. Depending on the age or style of your instructor, musical tastes are almost bound to differ. I've gone to a spin class where the instructor played nothing but Cher, Kenny G, and Barry Manilow. While that may be encouraging music for some, I prefer faster paced beats like Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Kesha bumping in my ears. I will sometimes bring my Ipod, safely secured in my armband with one headphone in and one out to hear when to "jump" and when to "sprint"!

4) Have a light snack before! Because you don't want to pass out from starvation mid cycle and fall off your bike, right? I like a chopped banana with a scoop of peanut butter or a Kind granola bar before.

5) Don't abandon your spin workout...even on vacation! An older gentleman in the class was visiting family in town and actively sought out a gym that offered spin classes close to his son's house. While enjoying yourself while away is a nice break from reality, consistently sticking to a workout routine is beneficial for mind, body, and soul. This man has inspired me to look out for hotels with gyms in our upcoming trip !

Overall, with the added benefit of a playcare in the gym, fitting in a workout at least twice a week is so much more convenient. Now, I really have no excuse to skip a morning workout... but I'm sure I will end up finding one (especially when it comes to NYC Fashion Week!)

For more spinning tips, check out this site!


  1. Oh, I so agree with the change of clothes! Enjoy your work-out!

  2. Great tips! I brought a change of clothes to the gym today but long jeans instead of shorts (too hot for those) and a size to small! Ouch:0 Must mean I should work out more:)

    So happy to e-meet you.


  3. Happy to meet you too! :) I'm going to try to go to another class today and hopefully it will be a different instructor! The last one played Celine Dion "My heart will go on" for a warm up and a cool down and somehow I don't think that's gonna do it for me! haha Have a great day guys!