Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Recipe!

         Since becoming a SAHM, entertaining on the weekends has become a HUGE obsession of mine. I always like to try out at least two new recipes (1 appetizer and 1 dessert) to spice up each and every gathering. The 4th of July is coming up and that means that the snack table will be almost primarily dips because of the wide variety and ease of setup. I was browsing on Pinterest this morning and discovered this recipe and I CANNOT wait to try it. It's called "Green Chilli Crack Dip" (sounds dangerous, right?!) from SweetCsDesigns. It's a fairly simple combination of Stokes Green Chile sauce and Velveeta, so it seems like a quick and tasty snack. 

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 I might have to do a test run tonight (ok, not "have to" but still) for movie night with Adam. I picked up "The Call" and "Parental Guidance" (LOVE Bette Midler!) from Redbox this morning, so hopefully whichever movie we choose is as good as I hope this dip is!

What are some of your favorite dip recipes?


  1. That looks so amazing. Unfortunately, we can't get Velveeta over here ;-(

    1. Ah I LOVE Velveeta! Maybe you could substitute it with something else?